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Forest Creek CDD Irrigation System Leak, Update #8

Forest Creek Irrigation Leak, Update #8

Yellowstone has located the irrigation leaks in the cottage area of Forest Creek Trail.

Yellowstone brought in an excavator today, May 9th, after securing approval from the county, due to the electrical conduit located in that area. The good news is after excavating to a depth of approximately 10-13 feet, two leaking connection lines, attached to the mainline, were found to be leaking. The two valves to these connection lines have been isolated and turned off. This will allow the district to turn the rest of the irrigation system back on this evening, as per the regular irrigation schedule. Please note that with this afternoon’s rain, the pump’s rain sensors have tripped and the system will automatically startup when the sensors dry. Yellowstone will return tomorrow, May 10th, to complete the repairs to those two damaged and isolated irrigation lines. The entire system for everyone should be back on once these two connection lines are repaired.

All drivers and pedestrians should exercise extreme caution in that area of Forest Creek Trail as there is heavy equipment on Forest Creek Trail in the cottages area. We ask that residents and guests please use one of the other three community entrances and exits.  Also, residents are asked to use detours around the work site tomorrow for everyone’s safety, until the repair is completed.

The hole is marked off with a barrier this evening and is very unstable in the area of the excavation.  We ask everyone to refrain from the area, as it presents a potential danger to anyone trying to get a better look into the hole by trying to cross the barriers.

Contact CDD Management for further details.

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