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Forest Creek Irrigation Pumping Station Schedule-March 2018

In response to numerous residents’ requests for extended irrigation testing and repair hours, to allow Irrigation Service Companies and Home Inspectors to have extra time to test and repair individual homeowner irrigation systems, the Forest Creek Board of Supervisors voted to extend irrigation pump hours to 24 hours on Tuesdays to allow extra time for additional testing and repairs. Per SWFWMD and Manatee County Watering Restrictions, testing cannot exceed 10 minutes per zone, and the resident or repair technician, must be present during the testing to avoid possible fines from Manatee County Utilities, per both SWFWMD and Manatee County Regulations.

To compensate for the extra irrigation main pumping station run time, and to allow residents to hire outside irrigation service and testing companies during the 24 hour period on Tuesdays, the new irrigation pumping station hours in Forest Creek are 7pm to 10am every other day, except Tuesdays.

Please refer to the SWFWMD and Manatee County Watering Restrictions listed in their memo, also provided on our website, to set your home irrigation systems to the proper water days according to even and odd house numbers, to prevent possible fines from the Manatee County Utility Department.

Also, a reminder to all residents, in early 2018, the CDD upgraded various main pumping station components to a new FlowGuard3 Controller, a new 50 HP motor and a new Variable Frequency Drive System. The new automatic excess rain gauge shutoff, and new filter control systems, is now in place. These improved systems are fully functional, to reduce excess overwatering, and improve irrigation water quality in our community, and to extend the life of the present main pumping systems, until 2026, when our system is scheduled for another major upgrade in our Reserve Fund.

Forest Creek Community Development District – approved March 2018

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