Thursday, July 18, 2019, 12:26 am

District Swimming Pool and SPA will be closed this Monday and Tuesday

The District swimming pool and spa will be closed Monday, July 1st to treat the algae in the pool to include the pool deck.  The chemicals being used pose a possible danger of skin irritation as well as a possible breathing issue requiring the closure of the entire pool/spa area.  During this time, an in-pool lighting fixture on the east side of the pool and the spa handrails will also be repaired.  The swimming pool and spa will be reopened Tuesday afternoon after the pool technician has scrubbed the pool and cleaned the filters. Please …

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US 301 Entrance Gate Fully Functional Now – Update #3

US 301 Entrance to Forest Creek

GatePros has replaced the RFID reader at the US301 gate and the gate is now fully functional as of today, June 17th.  GatePros was able to procure a new reader from another distributor that had it in stock so it did not take the 2 weeks from the manufacturer. ================================================================================================================ June 13th Post This morning, June 13th, GatePros accomplished more through testing of the US301 front entrance gate.  It was determined with good confidence that the RFID reader does not always identify a valid gate sticker properly applied to the windshield and should be replaced. …

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Crawford Parrish and Red Rooster Resident Only Gate Repaired

Crawford Parrish and Red Rooster Resident Only Gate

As posted on May 1st, a moving van struck and severely damaged the exit side of the gate on Crawford Parrish on April 30th. The damage was extensive requiring replacement of one gate, stripping and repainting, order & replacement of both controllers and fixing a post. It also took time to process the claim with the other insurance company. Today, June 10th, the gate is now fully operational again.

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Summer Weather and the ponds

Pond 16

A quick note from Aquatics Systems about the district ponds: Summer and the hot weather means more growth on top of what we already see year-round in a sub-tropical climate. Cloudier water can be an enemy and a friend depending on the other variables going on in the ponds. Increased turbidity does increase the water temperature, which algae loves, but also decreased light penetration, which algae does not love. Really what summer means to us is hotter weather and more influx of nutrients into the ponds from the rains. This equals more growth overall, not …

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Pond #16 Treatment Completed

The Aquatic Systems Mobitrac was on site June 4th to treat pond #16 since the littoral shelf was not accessible by foot nor boat for the recurring service.  Access to the pond was from Red Rooster road directly to the pond. Also, nesting Sandhill Cranes delayed this treatment until now. What was treated in the littoral shelf were invasive and exotic plants like Torpedograss, Alligator Weed, and Primrose. What was sprayed will eventually turn brown and fall down on its own. Signs of treatment (yellowing) should be noticeable within the next couple of weeks.

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Pond #16 Littoral Shelf Treatment Scheduled for Tuesday, June 4th

As reported in the February 2019 Aquatics Waterways Inspection Report, Pond #16 requires attention for littoral weeds, however Sandhill Cranes were observed nesting within the littoral shelf at that time. The Cranes have hatched and moved on so the Mobitrac treatment in the littoral shelf of Pond #16 will be this Tuesday morning. There will be no cutting or removal. The Mobitrac is required because of the areas that need to be treated can not be reached on foot and the shelf is too shallow for a boat. Aquatics Systems personnel will make a site visit Monday morning …

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Forest Creek Community Development District Annual Budget Process Overview Update #1

The annual budget process as outlined in the Forest Creek Community Development District Annual Budget Process Overview, May14th 2019 post is updated with the following information. At the May 21st 2019 Board meeting, the Board passed Resolution 2019-03 which: Approved the 2019/2020 proposed budget, Set a public hearing for the 2019/2020 Budget for 6PM on August 20th 2019 at the New Hope Baptist Church at 9422 Old Tampa Road Parrish, FL 34219, Directed the District Manager to submit a copy of the proposed budgets to Manatee County at least 60 days prior to the hearing set above, and In …

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Storm Water Grates

Rain hitting the ground

Storm Water Grates As the rainy season approaches it is time to check our storm water drainage system.  Throughout the Forest Creek community there are many storm water grates that are part of the drainage system.  Most are located on district property but some are on residential private property, usually on an easement between a curb side street storm water drain and the nearest pond. Yellowstone, the CDD Landscaper, is currently inspecting the storm water grates on district property as many are covered with grass.  We are asking residents with storm water grates on their …

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Forest Creek Community Development District Annual Budget Process Overview

The following is provided to understand the district’s annual budget process, what will happen and when. The Forest Creek Annual Budget is prepared and approved following Florida Statute 190.008. Time Line May21st, 2019- Proposed Budget Presentation: The state statute stipulates that by June 15th  the District Manger present the “Proposed Budget” to the Board of Supervisors. The proposed budget for FY 2019-2020 will be presented to the Forest Creek CDD Supervisors by Rizzetta, our management company, at the regularly scheduled meeting on May 21stat the New Hope Baptist Church at 6pm. The Proposed Budget will be available …

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