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Public Records

If the nature or volume of records to be inspected or copied is such as to require extensive use of district information technology resources (as defined in Section 282.303(13), Florida Statutes) or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance by district personnel, a service charge will be imposed. This charge shall be reasonable and shall be based on the cost incurred for such extensive use of the information technology resources or the actual labor cost of the personnel providing such assistance
Requests for records may be made in writing, by electronic mail, telephone, fax or letter, or in person. The requestors do not have to identify themselves or state the reason they desire the records. If the request is insufficient to identify the records sought, the department holding the records should help the requestor clarify the request. The department may ask the requestor to complete forms to assist in defining or documenting facts necessary for complying with records requests; however, the requestor is not obligated to complete such forms or to sign such a form as a condition for obtaining records. Requests to view personnel files are governed by Florida Statutes, Section 231.291(2), which requires the custodian of the personnel files to maintain, in those files, a record of those persons reviewing such files each time the files are reviewed.