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Reminder to Update Your FOB & Call Box Information

Residents of Forest Creek,

When you received your notice of the budget meeting in August, mailed by Rizzetta, that envelope contained a second letter concerning the re-registration requirement of residents’ Amenities FOB, the small electronic tag used to enter the club house, pool area, and fitness center.  The developer issued at the time of closing, FOBs to all residents that purchased a house from the developer.  After issuance, they did not maintain control of who, or if, the FOBs were handed over to the new owner, if the house was sold/bought.  When the CDD was turned over to the resident board, the database was not up to date, as to who the FOBs were assigned to.

The re-registration form also included a separate section for the telephone number that you wish the gate call box to ring at when a visitor/vendor comes to your home.  It has also been explained many times now, that anyone can enter our community by calling 474 at the entry call boxes or pushing the operator button.  This should alleviate concerns regarding routine service vendors to residents’ homes.

In order to update the FOB listing, the CDD Board is requiring all current residents to re-register their FOBs with the CDD.  The letter that was received with the notice of the August budget meeting, explained that there were two ways to re-register the FOBs.  A form was on the back side of the letter explaining the FOB re-registration process which could be completed and submitted to the Operations Manager at the club house, either in person, or via the U. S. Postal Service.  The second way in which the FOB could be re-registered is by clicking here to go directly to the online form on the Forest Creek CDD website. You can complete the form online and by clicking on “Submit” the form is automatically sent to the CDD for addition to the data base.   If you do not wish to submit this information online and no longer have the form, please see the Operations Manager at the club house for a new form or print out the form from the website to complete and mail back to the CDD.

The CDD would like to thank all the residents who have submitted their information to date.  We currently have approximately 45% of the residents’ FOBs re-registered.  We need to have the remaining residents submit their information so that their FOBs do not get turned off if they are not re-registered.  The CDD has requested that residents submit the re-registration form by the end of October 2019, so that the new data base can be completed and implemented by the end of the year.

PLEASE REMEMBER that all FOBs not re-registered will be deactivated when the new data base is implemented.  Residents will then be required to take the FOB to the Operations Manager to have the FOB reactivated, a process which can take several days, and during that time, access to the club house, pool, and fitness center, will be blocked.

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