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US 301 Entrance to Forest Creek
US 301 Entrance to Forest Creek

US 301 Entrance Gate Fully Functional Now – Update #3

GatePros has replaced the RFID reader at the US301 gate and the gate is now fully functional as of today, June 17th.  GatePros was able to procure a new reader from another distributor that had it in stock so it did not take the 2 weeks from the manufacturer.


June 13th Post

This morning, June 13th, GatePros accomplished more through testing of the US301 front entrance gate.  It was determined with good confidence that the RFID reader does not always identify a valid gate sticker properly applied to the windshield and should be replaced.  A new RFID reader will be approved and ordered ASAP.  There is a two week lead time from the vendor and the US301 front gate will remain open until the gate is fully operational again.


June 12th Post

Yesterday, June 11th, Doug, CDD Operations Manager took the time to observe the US301 Front Gate to see if people were having access issues even after the vendor checked the system out.  He was there from 4 pm to 5:30 pm and saw the following:

1. 63 total cars
2. 25 cars using sticker read ok
3. 8 cars did not read
4. 5 cars had to maneuver to get in
5. 21 cars used touch pad
6. 4 cars did the hand waving thing worked but slow.

Roughly 20% still had access issues which is unacceptable and since it is an intermittent as well as a fairly recent problem, it is difficult to find the root cause immediately.  Therefore, the US301 entry gate and bar were opened this morning (June 12th) and will remain open until this problem can be resolved.  If a new system is required we have been advised that there would be a two week lead time after ordering. Since the cost to replace isn’t trivial we want to be sure that is the correct solution.


June 11th Post

Residents have reported issues with the US301 Front Gate.  Some are able to enter normally via the windshield sticker on the windshield while others have to use the call box. The vendor was called and below is his report. In summary, the system is working properly for properly installed windshield stickers.

From: Chad Knight <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 7:55 AM
To: Jennifer Budis <>; Dale Hall <>
Cc: Douglas Lovelace <>; Grant Phillips <>
Subject: RE: Front gate Access

Good Morning Everyone,

Dale went out yesterday afternoon and did some extensive testing and really did not find anything wrong with the system. He called AWID which is the manufacturer for the system and they said that any stickers that are not stuck to the windshield will not have reliable read range and that they are not engineered to be used in that manner. I have attached the instructions for installing the stickers. We must insist that residents install the stickers properly and if not then they cannot complain about read range.  The AWID system is a very reliable system with very little that can break so it works or it don’t.


Chad Knight

Gate Pros




AWID Instructions

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